Friday, April 23, 2010


Well I did warn you about the blog posts or lack thereof... where shall I start???

How about a little recap of our field trip in South Dakota? I took the kids to see Mount Rushmore and it was just as impressive as I remember!

I snapped this just as we were walking up... pictures never seem to do it justice...

The kids were totally amazed (and glad that I had drug them there). They spent a long time just sitting on the wall looking at the mountain.

The most amazing part of the entire adventure is that by the time we left Noah had memorized all the names of the Presidents and why they had been included on the mountain. What a little patriot (of the wrong country but hey, let's not get picky!)

Josh loves George Washington and wanted to be included on the mountain as well...

We weren't able to walk or ride any closer because of the snow storm earlier that week so we totally plan to go back again!


  1. I've never been but would love to go, it's kind of cool in a weird way?? Love the last pic!

  2. Awesome photos, I've always wanted to go there too!

  3. Very cool!! I want to go there with my kids love the pics specially the one of the three kids looking at the mountain!

  4. seriously.. how cute is that kid.. OMG....
    love that picture of him in it...

  5. Love that pic of Josh! what a guy! :)