Friday, July 16, 2010

Cam's New Toy...

Don't ask me what the fascination is, but Cam has always wanted a backhoe. He's been talking about getting one for YEARS and he finally broke down and got one!

I'm sure I'll be finding gigantic holes all over the place now! LOL


  1. my dh has wanted A LOT of things in his lifetime.. i can't say for sure that a backhoe has ever been on the list...lmao...
    do you have to make your driveway wider now?

  2. Amy wants to know what he's planning on doing with that thing! lol

  3. Randy wants to dig out the old septic tank, underground powerline, and the old gasline...when can we expect you?? Needs to be done before August 1! lol

  4. OMG! Now he's playing with BIG toys! LOL! I know, he's probably wanted one since the sandbox! I have a kid just like him! ;)

    Have fun, Cam!